The fragments of this reconstructed white porcelain bottle were recovered in 1965 from an undisturbed waste pit in Fustat (Old Cairo), Egypt. The bottle has a bamboo-like stem neck supporting a dish-shaped mouth, a circular band surrounding the shoulder, four pairs of sharp vertical ribs around the body, and a flared foot with a recessed, unglazed flat bottom. In material and style the bottle is comparable to Ding kiln type porcelains of the Liao dynasty found in areas near Beijing and Liaoning province in northern China. Among numerous Chinese green-glazed stoneware fragments also recovered at Fustat, this porcelain example is a rarity. With the Liao occupying northern China and the Song dynasty the south, it is possible that this bottle traveled overland to Egypt along the Liao dominated Silk Route. It may also have traveled via illicit Liao-Song trade to finally reach Egypt along established Song maritime trade routes.

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